An Ode to Jack McBrayer

I recently started watching the show “30 Rock” on Netflix {I’m a little behind in television} and I can honestly say it is my second favorite show of all time! Obviously behind the GREAT “Parks and Recreation” which can never be topped. Anyways, with watching “30 Rock” I began my love affair for the character Kenneth whose positive attitude and ear to ear smile is truly inspiring. He is ridiculously hilarious and I am hoping that someday I can meet this man! {I am already planning on trying during my upcoming trip to New York}. Until then I will continue to watch the show, laugh at everything he says, and periodically refrence “Kenneth” when I am talking about something amazing. I hope your weekend was as awesome as mine and I hope you have a Kenneth kind of a week! Much Love-Jenny

{How could you not love this face? Also check out the movie “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and Mariah Carey’s “Touch My Body” video, they are other hilarious things he has done!}



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