Nyquil, Sleep, and no wine.

I have been stuck inside my house the last couple of days because I have been under the weather, so I haven’t really been doing anything fun to write about. So I decided that I would just write about all my favorite pictures/things from the past couple of weeks!

{The Samoa Martini and The Snickers Martini from The Vine, yes these are amazing! No, I haven’t had one lately since mixing Nyquil and alcohol is a no-no.}

{I woke up to this last Friday, I was not happy! Snow is gorgeous but I want spring!}

{My last nail design, using Essie “A Crewed Interest” and a white nail polish pen.}

{Bulldogs in Grayslake, a new burger joint where they have great food, really good service, and the old 50’s look of a diner. Way cute!}

{On the way to my cousin’s apartment I saw this street and decided I needed a picture of the sign because of Wizards of Waverly Place. If you don’t understand that then I can’t help you…}

Here’s to a week filled with good cocktails, great friends, new experiences, cute men, and health! Much Love- Jenny


New York, I Love You!

This picture pretty much sums up my feelings on life. I love clothes, shoes, and I have a passion for New York! While planning my upcoming trip I am being consumed with the need to surround myself with movies and tv that are centered in New York. I have had “Sex and the City” in my dvd player for the past week {Season 2 (yum Joe the new Yankee and Carrie gets back with Big) and Season 4 (the new and improved Aidan)} and I have so many New York inspired movies in my instant queue I’ll never finish in time!! {6 weeks and counting!} While we figure out where we are going to stay {we are going to use this awesome website called airbnb.com where you can rent an apartment instead of staying in a hotel, why didn’t I think of that?} and what we want to do, I suppose I will just have to continue with my NY inspired entertainment choices. If anyone has any suggestions of places to eat, places to get a good cocktail, or any awesome vintage stores please let me know! I believe we will be staying on the lower east side {fingers crossed!}. Much Love, Jenny

{I took these pictures the last time I was in New York, they are store windows that really caught my eye! I’m so glad I took these pictures because I will blow them up and frame them for my house!}

Tutorial Tuesday: How to make spaghetti squash!

My new favorite thing to make for lunch or dinner is spaghetti squash with roasted vegetables. I bring it with me to work everyday and I am always getting asked what my recipe is! Soooo I decided that for Tutorial Tuesday I would venture into the foodie world and share my recipe!

{1. Cut in 1/2 with a large knife, this is the hardest part so be careful! Also preheat oven to 400 degrees.}

{2. Scoop out all the insides just like you would to a pumpkin}

{3. Drizzle a small amount of  olive oil through out the inside of the squash, then spread around with your fingers until evenly dispersed.  Sprinkle chosen spices onto the inside as well. I like just salt and pepper. I love this organic garlic flavored olive oil from Trader Joe’s!}

 {4. This is what the cooked squash looks like!}

{5. Take a fork and scrape the insides to make it look like spaghetti!}

{6. Cut up tomatoes and red onions, mix with olive oil and spices, then put it in the broiler while the squash is cooking. I like them to almost burn, so sometimes they stay in about 45 minutes.}

{7. I roast all my vegetables at the same time as the squash, I chose mushrooms, red onions, and broccoli. 30-45 minutes.}

{8. The final product, yum yum yum!}

I hope you enjoy this tasty dish! I don’t use any sauce normally {besides the olive oil it is cooked in} but I have heard that a hearty vegetable marinara tastes amazing with this! Much Love and much cooking-Jenny!

Love for Milwaukee…AJ Bombers Style

I love trying new restaurants, especially in fun towns! Each month I will be trying a new place and profiling it on here. This month it is AJ Bombers in the lower east side of  Milwaukee. This place has great food and you can’t beat it’s location! Located on the corner of Water and Knapp it is right in the action of the famous Water St bar stretch {which is awesome at night since it all lit up, quite impressive}. This hip and funky place is the winner of Food Wars {a tv show on the travel channel} and from the instant you walk in you can see why. Basically, this place is awesome and is worth your time! So next time you want a good meal in a fun place, instead of going to TGI Friday’s or Chili’s, support a small business and head to Milwaukee for what possibly will be the best burger of your life! Much Love- Jenny

{My kicky fun new shoes, I am so obsessed that I couldn’t help but not share them! I wear them cuffed with jeans, or with slouchy socks and tights. Also they are from Payless! Thank you BOGO!}

{They are famous for putting “different” toppings on the burgers. Some include; chunky peanut butter, sweet potato strings, and a fried egg.}


{You can write on EVERYTHING in this place, including the condiment holder and the wall. I chose the wall!}

{Me waiting for my Black Bean Burger, yum it was so good I can’t wait to go back! Also the cocktail in front of me is my new favorite Captain and Sprite. Thank you Danielle!}

{Jill got a regular hamburger {nothing plain about it though so don’t be confused!} and you can see my awesome sweet potato chips behind her plate. Those were the all-star of the evening since I love sweet potatos.}

This is the link to AJ Bombers website. http://ajbombers.com/ Check it out my foodie friends!

I’ve got my eyes on you.

I have a thing for cat eyes. Not literally the eyes of a cat though…the makeup trick cat eyes!  {In case you were confused.} I was a pin-up girl for halloween last year and it started my obsession with the perfect cat eye/winged eyeliner. I most always choose to play up the eyes versus anything else in the makeup world anyways and I feel like this is the best way for me to make mine stand out!

When I do this look {which is almost everyday} I use a  damp eyeliner brush dipped in black eyeshadow in short little strokes starting in the middle and moving towards the inner point getting thinner. Then I go back to the middle and move outwards in a thicker line. Then I take my Mirabelle Magic Marker Eyeliner pen and put a dot where I want the tip of the cat eye to be {usually a straight line when I pull my lid taunt} and then fill it in making the top of a triangle. Use the picture above as a guide. It is hard but the more you practice the better. If you make mistakes dip a Q-tip in eye makeup remover and just swipe it over the mistake, it will erase it! Have fun!! Much Love-Jenny


Happy Valentine’s Day! What better way to celebrate than with a coat of red lipstick and a cinnamon dolce latte from Starbucks? {Oh and just a little bit of chocolate.} Here’s to wishing everyone a wonderful day filled with the people you love and the ones who love you! XOXO, Jenny!

Other than your hair a purse is your best accessory.

Welcome to the middle of February! Also if you are a “Parks and Recreation” fan, Happy Galentine’s Day! Today I decided to showcase some of my favorite bags, because I really believe even if you have an outfit that really isn’t much, if you carry an awesome bag you look chic! You also don’t have to break the bank in order to carry a stylish purse, I get a lot of my bags from the store Discovery {everything there is under $25, most purses are around $!5} or Target. TJ Maxx is my favorite store to snap up designer bags at a wallet-friendly price, my last purchase was a gorgeous Micheal Kors satchel! Yes, the one in the picture! No way could I not show that baby off!

Make sure you notice my Trader Joe’s bag! I am a big believer is re-usable grocery bags, I always have one in my purse just in case I need to make a quick stop at a store and need a bag. I think it is important to not use the plastic bags they give out as much as possible, make your carbon foot print as small as you can I say! Plus all of them are super cute now, my favorites are from Forever 21 {smaller bags} and TJ Maxx {big bags}. As always thanks for stopping by, I hope everyone has a Kenneth kind of week! Much Love- Jenny

PS- I recently discovered an awesome part of Instyle Magazines website it’s called Instyle Style Statements. You are able to create “dream” outfits {or if you are rich they are just called “outfits”} and then submit them for other fashionistas to vote on them! Seriously, try it out! www.instyle.com/stylestatements Happy Outfiting!