Robin Sparkles knows what’s up…


{Blazer from TJ Maxx, Top from Charlotte Russe, Jeans from Target, Boots from Target, Watch from Charming Charlies, Assorted bracelets from Target and Forever 21.}

Dressing on a budget can be a tough task, especially when your budget is teeny tiny! So this week I am going to be posting outfits consisting of clothes and accessories I got mostly at….THE MALL! That is where the Robin Sparkles reference came from, all my How I Met Your Mother fans will know what I am talking about. If an item that I am wearing did not come from the mall it came from a discount retail store like Target. Basically these are all outfits that you would be able to afford on a small budget! You will notice that I have a penchant for polka-dots, lots of color, and not really matching. People are constantly asking me “How did you come up with that outfit?”. That is what is fun about fashion though! Looking at two things that normaly wouldn’t work and making them work. At least that is what I love about fashion! Much Love-Jenny


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