Rocking Out.

Even though I am a hairstylist it goes without saying that in the beauty world we are always the LAST ones to get our hair/nails/waxing/facials done. So I am definitely guilty of walking around with the tell-tale roots that scream to the world “She’s not a real red-head!” So I have a practical (and adorable) solution to that pesky little problem, a bandanna! I know you’re thinking “I am not Brett Michaels, therefore I will not be rocking a bandanna.” but believe me it’s so cute and fashion forward, people will be copying you quicker than you can say “Poison”.

I get mine at Wal-Mart, they come in tons of colors and patterns, and they cost me $1. What’s better than that? I tie mine in the front because I like the look of the little knot, but do whatever you think looks the cutest! Have fun with it! Much Love-Jenny


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