The cookie is always right!

Monday I started a gluten-free diet and Sunday night I decided to indulge in a little chinese food since I knew I wouldn’t be able to have it for awhile. The food was delicious but the real reason I am so happy I had it was because of my fortune cookie!

“The time has come to allow your heart to guide you.” I just thought that was so adorable and I look forward to letting my fortune come true! I woke up this morning to huge snowflakes and my car covered in them! Now while I am already done with snow, I had nowhere to be and a hot cup of coffee. So why complain? The perfect way to spend the snowy day was with my coffee, my blanket, and a Harry Potter book!

P.S.-Love my nails? I do too! It is Essie Jelly Apple with OPI Gettin’ Miss Piggy With It (the glitter) over that.

Here’s to a wonderful week filled with sparkly nails, snow, and Harry Potter! Much Love-Jenny


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