What’s for dinner?

The elusive question kids/boyfriends/husbands have been asking for years…”What’s for dinner?”. I am a vegetarian and do not eat a lot of dairy so eating time can be a little tricky! Luckily, I love trying new recipies and coming up with ways to make my food interesting. My favorite thing to make is stir-fry, you can add whatever you want and it is a healthy (and tasty) dinner! SO whip out your pan (I use a pan instead of a wok because I like my vegetables crispy) and cut up some vegetables! You can add whatever source of protein you want, I chose Gardein Mandarin Orange Chik’n which is obviously a meat-free option.

1. A variety of veggies. Today I chose mushrooms, broccoli, snow peas, and white onions. (Try to buy local and fresh if you can, it makes a huge difference!) 2.Gardein Mandarin Orange Cripsy Chik’n. (I chose to use teriyaki sauce instead of the mandarin orange sauce they give you inside the package.) 3. Spray Olive Oil in the pans and set the heat at low. 4. I combined the chik’n and the onions in the same pan so the onions would flavor the chik’n a little bit. It worked it was tasty! 5. Just the veggies with some pepper and onion powder. 6. Finished product! I used La Choy Teiyaki Sauce, so tasty almost tastes like Tsukasa! Start cooking and enjoy! Much Love- Jenny!


2 thoughts on “What’s for dinner?

    1. Hi Kelly! It was hard for me to at first. It honestly took me a couple years to even eat a veggie burger! But once I did I was happy, great sources of protein with great taste! And it doesn’t taste like meat at all so it shouldb’t creep you out!

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