Planning my week like an organizational genius…

If you are like me you have an overstuffed closet in desperate need of organization. I always have the good intentions of color coordinating, separating work and play outfits, etc but it never seems to last. I’ll end up staring into my closet for ten minutes straight and coming up with nothing. We’ve all said in exasperation “I have nothing to wear!” while staring into a closet filled with clothes.

(Could you find something in this clothes stuffed mess?)

So something that I pride myself on is my preperation of outfits for the week. The girls that I work with find this hilarious but I promise taking a couple minutes out of your day to plan ahead will help future frustration and help avoid bad outfits! I usually only plan for work  and I always look up the temperature of the day I am planning for. It particularly helps with this crazy weather we have been having in the Chicago-land area lately!

( The finished product, so colorful! )

As always thanks for stopping by! Much love-Jenny


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