The redhead’s adventures over the weekend

This was such a fun weekend filled with great friends, good food, and tasty drinks! I went to a restaurant called “Sake Zake” with some friends for dinner on Saturday night and really enjoyed my first “sushi” experience! Their fried tofu was amazing and the cucumber and avocado rolls were pretty tasty too!

(I actually ate most of my meal with my chopsticks!)

Sunday was The Bridal Show in Schaumburg to help my best friend Leilani plan her upcoming nuptials. I tried to document as much as I could because there was so much inspiration with colors and textures all around me! I was in flower heaven! We got lots of information and ideas that will help her out and over all it was a perfect day. Mostly because of the company I kept!

(V.I.B.- Very Important Bride)

(This is what I mean by flower heaven, look at how gorgeous this arrangement is!)

(Gorgeous chandeliers in the ballroom of The Renaissance Hotel)

( This arrangement inspires me for the home!)

(Orange is my favorite color for flowers!)

Dunch is my new word for inbetween brunch and dinner, we went to Bahama Breeze for yummy island inspired eats!

( Two painkillers and a Bahama Mamarita!)

(Island Onion Rings, yes they were amazing!)

When in Schaumburg it is essential to stop by Ikea. I was inspired by so many things that I want to buy a house, gut it, and get everything at Ikea!

(My favorite dining room, will be using this as a template for my future dining room!)

(Mason Jar Love, some how it would be cool to have them lit. I do not know how that would work.)

Here’s to a great week ahead with many wonderful things! Much love- Jenny!


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