Tutorial Tuesday, such a fun day!

I said there were going to be how-to’s so I thought “what would be cuter than a  Tutorial Tuesday? This Tuesday I am demonstrating how-to do the messy lazy up-do from previous posts. This is one of my favorite things to do with my hair because it takes about 5 minutes, looks like it takes a lot longer, and is super cute!

1. Tease the crown with a teasing comb. Using a regular comb won’t give the same effect.

2. Tease the sides as well, it gives a more symmetrical look.

3. Pin up the crown and sides together in a 1/2 up 1/2 down looking style.

4. Section behind the ear on both sides the part where you will braid.

5. Braid it!

6. Flip the braid over your head and fasten the bobby pin so it is hidden. Repeat on the other side.

7. Tease the section in the back, I mean everything!

8. Gather it into a ball onto your head and just start pinning! You can’t go wrong, remember it’s a “messy” up-do! Finished style below as seen before!

I hope everyone tries this amazingly easy up-do, it looks so much cuter than just a regular ponytail! Thanks again for stopping by! Much Love-Jenny


Starting the week off with a bang.

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I know I did! Is there a better way to start the week off than making a list of your favorite things of that moment? You’re right, there isn’t! These are definitely some of the things that put a smile on my face lately!

Black Swan was so intense and amazing that I had to look away at times. Obviously this move came out a bit ago but I just found the time over the weekend to watch it and I fell in love. The cosmetic company e.l.f has some amazing budget friendly buys with a lot of their stuff being $1! Now I like getting cheapies for fun eyeshadows and lipsticks, but for my foundation, blush, anything that touches my face I reach for only Bare Escentuals. Obviously the website Pintrest is causing all of us to lose some sleep. {If you want to join but need an invite, shoot me an email I would be happy to share with you!} Sushi is now the food that occupies my thoughts when I am hungry…try Sushi Thai in Libertyville if you’re around the area. MGMT’s “Electric Feel” is stuck on repeat in my head but I am ok with that, it’s such a bouncy song! Last but not least I recently was told about the Starbucks Tuxedo drink, which is a blend of regular mocha frappuchino with white mocha syrup. Get it. It’s amazing! As always thank you so much for stopping by! Much Love-Jenny

Who doesn’t love colored denim?

{Shirt from Forever 21, Pants from TJ Maxx, Shoes from Target, Necklace-Vintage}

There is just something about colored denim, it packs a certain punch into an outfit. I had been wanting red jeans and searched and searched for the perfect pair, so when I came across these I was in high heaven! The fit and cut were just right for me and it is just the right shade of red. I love pairing it with other colors instead a neutral (which is what I would normaly do) for winter because it’s so dreary out and I would like to be awash in color!

{I like cuffing my jeans when I wear heels/flats because it looks more streamlined to me.}

{It was so cold that day, I am freezing!}

{My favorite watch from Charming Charlie’s plus an assortment of bracelets from different store such as Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, etc. Nail polish is Essie Case Study with Essie Mint Candy Apple.}

As always thanks for stopping by! I hope everyone has many adventures planned for the weekend, as for me I am meeting up with some girlfriends for cocktails and also trying out hot yoga! I will let you know how both go! Cheerio! Much Love-Jenny

Plaid and Leather

This is such a fun and comfortable outfit that I could basically live in it if needed. Again it is taking two fabrics (and two different styles) and meshing them together for perfect harmony! Leather shorts can be too evening sometimes but paired with a boyfriend fit plaid shirt and flat boots you can wear it anytime of the day.

{Shirt from TJ Maxx, Shorts from TJ Maxx, Tights from Target, Boots unknown, Necklace~Vintage}

As always I love that you took the time out of your day to check me out! I only have one outfit left in my “Everything from the Mall” segment, make sure you pop back tomorrow for my last outfit!! Much Love-Jenny!

It’s all in the details! {Oh and the color.}

I obviously have a thing for lace. It projects innocence and is sexy at the same time, what other fabric can do that? None, according to me! This dress is one of my favorites because it is delightfully cute and sexy at the same time, plus who doesn’t love that color green!

{Dress from TJ Maxx, Leather Bolero from H & M, Tights from Target, Wedges from Target}

{The details of this dress have a whimsical feel to them which is what clinched my purchase}

{Who wouldn’t make snowballs in a dress?}

Thanks again for stopping by! Much Love, Jenny

They don’t call him The Duke for nothing…

One of my favorite things to do is discover new places to eat or drink. I have very limited options when it comes to food so for me going out to eat can be exhausting! What a breathe of fresh air “Duke’s Alehouse & Kitchen” in downtown Crystal Lake is! They have so many vegetarian and vegan options my head was abuzz with all the possibilities. Plus, Mondays are 1/2 price vegetarian meals so what is not to love about that! Duke’s isn’t only for the veggie lovers either they have a monstrous burger called “The Vegan Slayer” that I have heard delights meat eaters to the core! I seriously recommend going to this place I doubt anyone would be disappointed. Much Love-Jenny

{This is a board telling you where all the produce and such came from. They do everything locally. They also have “Duke’s Garden” and their own farm}

{Vegetarian chili}

{The BEST veggie burger I have ever eaten. And believe me people I am a veggie burger lover. Hands down this beats them all. I even ordered a second one to take home!}

Here is the website, make sure you check it out!


Sequins & Denim, Oh my!

{Top from H & M, Skirt from Forever 21, Tights from Target, Wedges from Target, Necklace from Forever 21, Watch from Charming Charlies, Assorted bracelets from Forever 21}

I have to say that my favorite sort of outfit is a skirt with tights and this one tops my list of favorite outfits. There is nothing like two different textures or even styles coming together beautifully to make a complete knockout outfit! Plus, who doesn’t love sequins?{A simple braided updo to not compete with my sparkly skirt}

{If you are wondering if it was cold out, yes it was. I was freezing!}

As always I appreciate you stopping by! Much Love-Jenny!