14 in 2014.

These are the things that I want to accomplish this year, some are serious things that will vastly improve my life and some are just fun things I want to do! You need to have both in your life right?
  1. Read at least 5 classic novels i.e.: The Count of Monte Cristo, The Great Gatsby, Pride and Prejudice, A Tale of Two Cities, etc.
  2. Strengthen my relationship with God
  3. Find and move into an amazing apartment/house
  4. Try a different restaurant/bar once a month with my core group of girls
  5. Travel to at least 3 new places
  6. Have a Harry Potter marathon {this one seems easy but we have been trying to do this for years!}
  7. Dedicate time to becoming healthier; i.e. working out. I am so lazy and need to get moving, so many things can be prevented with exercise alone!
  8. Promotion at work {how many people do you think will have this as a resolution? So cliche but it’s something I have been working hard to achieve and would love for it to happen soon!}
  9. Lay on a beach all day long reading, eating, drinking, and being with friends. {Covered in SPF 50 btw}
  10. Start taking Improv classes
  11. Start making videos for the blog, and make a YouTube channel.
So far this is all I have, I will add more to it as I come up with ways to improve my life. What will y’all be doing to make 2014 your best year yet? Any suggestions on what else I should do?
“In his mind a man plans his course, but the Lord directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9
A shout-out to Mr. Tim Tebow for tweeting that verse ^ today {New Years Eve} and bringing it to my attention! I hope he reads this and the answer is YES I will go out on a date with you.

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